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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello all, I guess I’ve been missing in action for way too long. In my absence, I:
1. Bought a Canon G11 and 270EX
2. Formed a brand new band (together with numerous purchases of all-too-expensive music gear)
3. Saw Jamie Cullum, Makoto Ozone and Maksim live at the Esplanade
4. Adopted a stray black kitten (now named Sooty)
5. Strengthened bonds with important people
6. Got a part-time job at an authorised Apple Campus Reseller
7. Helped organise one last MacNUS event (the Bazaar)
8. Handed over Presidency of MacNUS
9. Decided to make music my lifelong goal
10. Celebrated numerous birthdays
11. Became ungloriously and atrociously broke
12. Tried out for another band
13. Fell seriously in love with jazz (as you surmised from #3)
14. Ate countless good meals, both in and out of the house
15. Enjoyed my life even more than before (feeling like I love the whole world)
16. Found a diamond in the rough

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  1. Saturday, April 9, 2016 4:24 pm

    alright andreas,well i updated to BC 3.1..but the installtion doesn’t go to completion and two messages come out about the uninstallation of my nvidia Click

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