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DDR3 RAM from Crucial

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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I finally decided to spring my wallet on a memory upgrade for my MacBook. Checking out the prices at Sim Lim, OWC and Crucial, I decided to go with Crucial as the total cost (including shipping) was the lowest of the three (USD 82.98, which is about S$125). Apple’s Singapore store sells the RAM upgrade for S$160.

Can I say, “FINALLY”? I’ve been dying to upgrade ever since I got my new Unibody MacBook. 2 GB just doesn’t cut it. Even when I only open a couple of apps (about 4), the RAM usage is already almost at its maximum; what more when I’m running Windows using VMWare Fusion? I’m taking Programming in C this semester, and I could only get their CourseMarker software to run on Windows. Documentation for running it on the Mac was virtually non-existent. So, yes, I’m using a fair amount of Windows this semester; it’s pretty unavoidable.

My Mac is running really smooth now. It’s a joy to use. My advice for medium to heavy users like me who run memory-intensive apps like Adobe’s CS3/4 apps or Aperture 2 frequently, or those who like running a whole bunch of Apple’s stock Mac apps like iPhoto, iTunes, Mail and Safari simultaneously: upgrade your RAM to 4 GB (at least). The maximum (unsupported) amount you could go up to is 6 GB, if you would care to shell out the dough for it.

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